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Wednesday, December 6th at 7:00PM
Manchester Music Hall

We invite you to celebrate the Advent with us! Wintersong is a chance to gather friends & family around food, music, and art, as we wait & hope for the coming of Jesus.

Food: Hors d'oeuvres, desserts, hot & cold drinks

Cost: Free!

Videos from last year...

Theme: Wait/Hope

Mike Cosper, in Recapturing the Wonder, speaks about our tendency toward disenchantment:

“A disenchanted world has been drained of magic, of any supernatural presences, of spirits and God and transcendence. A disenchanted world is a material world, where what you see is what you get.”

What you see is what you get…

But, perhaps, what we don’t see will give us more. More beauty. More mystery. More wonder. 

This kind of transcendence speaks in the most ordinary spaces. When we break away from the over-stimulation of social media, the tendency to work more, and the addiction to approval we begin to recover a posture of listening. Of stillness. Of rest. 

It is this posture that births art. This pursuit of mystery (of searching every crack and every corner) enchants our souls, not that we would disassociate from the world, but that we would reveal the grander story hidden beneath the piles of cynicism and impatience. 

Which brings us to waiting

In the Bible, waiting is not a passive posture but one of an active hope. In fact, many times the words wait and hope are synonymous. So, when we wait, we are not looking for something to distract us but something to enliven our hearts with the truth of God’s presence and his expansive work of redemption in all of creation. 

Before the Incarnation (the birth of Jesus Christ), God’s people were hopeless. Years of silence had caused them to question God’s promises. They were unsure that a true King was coming. They were waiting and were losing hope. I can imagine the cloud of disenchantment slowly moving in. 

But suddenly, a light shines in the darkness. The Word becomes flesh. Everything changes. God enchants the world with the reality of his Kingdom. A Kingdom embodied in the person of Jesus. Perhaps we could say it was worth the wait…